Eva Henderson


Our History

      We have lived and worked in these mountains our entire lives and we are proud of our family and friends. One such person was my wife's great grand mother. You can read about her life in several books and magazines including National Geographic. Known simply as granny to visitors of the Buffalo River, she was a true mountain woman. She used to say, A stranger is only a friend I haven't met yet. We would like to welcome you with those same words, and do our best to carry on her legacy of honesty and friendship.

Cliff and Dema Beaver

Granny Henderson would walk several times a day to the Buffalo River from her house to gather water for her cattle and livestock.

Granny Henderson's house is a popular tourist attraction on the Buffalo National Park. It still stands today and is loved by many passing hikers. Pictured here is Eva (Barnes) Henderson with her beloved dog, her cattle, and her house and property. 

Beaver Creek Cabins

Owner Dema Beaver



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